Our Values

YWTF Mission

Founded in 2006, YWTF-Baltimore Chapter is committed to promoting and implementing programs and policies for the benefit, empowerment, and growth of women aged 20-39 so that they may thrive as productive, active, healthy, and prominent contributors in their communities and personal lives.

YWTF Values

YWTF Baltimore is a service oriented, social and professional resource for younger women. Our vision is to create a limitless, safe space for networking, sharing and growing through opportunities that serves to empower into action our members and supporters at large on a personal, professional, local, national and international level.  Our vision is to plan and participate in activities and programming that will uphold our integrity, humility and dedication to being leaders and supporters of women’s issues.

YWTF Goals

  • To serve as an organization that supports all women at different levels, backgrounds, etc
  • To serve as a source of information on topics pertinent to women, girls, and their allies.
  • To serve as a place to get involved to develop leadership skills such as membership, networking, event planning, mentorship, fundraising, and advocacy.
  • To serve as a strong collaborator with other organizations in the Baltimore area.