1. What is the Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF)?
Founded in January of 2006, The Younger Women’s Task Force, a project of the
National Council of Women’s Organizations, is a nationwide, diverse, and inclusive grassroots movement dedicated to organizing younger women and their allies to take action on issues that matter most to them. By and for younger women, YWTF works both within and beyond the women’s movement, engaging all who are invested in advancing the rights of younger women.

2. What is YWTF’s relationship with AAUW (American Association of University Women)?
In 2013, YWTF found a new home with AAUW, and we now operate as an affiliated entity of the organization. That means that if you’re a member of YWTF, you’re also a member of AAUW, which is awesome since AAUW’s been a community empowering women for 124 years longer than we have and provides a huge group of allies and advocates of all ages to help us with our work.

3. Why should you get involved with YWTF-Baltimore?
YWTF offers you a unique way to build your professional skills and networks in order to make a difference in the lives of Baltimore women, girls, and their allies. Through YWTF you can develop leadership skills such as networking, event planning, mentorship, fundraising, and advocacy. You will meet some awesome people and get connected with great organizations AND you’ll be an active part of the larger women’s movement of today!

4. What principles or issues does YWTF seek to address?
YWTF concentrates on all issues that affect the lives of younger women. Because YWTF is made up of a network of grassroots movements around the country, and YWTF recognizes the diversity of views of its members, the YWTF does not have a specific younger women’s “issues” on which chapters must base their activities. That said, YWTF does have a set of vision statements that guide our actions.

5. What does it mean to be a “grassroots movement”?
Many people have views on what makes a grassroots movement. YWTF is grassroots because we are committed to younger women and our allies making decisions from the bottom-up including YWTF policy presented on Capitol Hill and the structure of YWTF events in each town, city, and community across the country. YWTF is a movement because we seek to shape policy, transform culture, build fellowship, and increase the quality of the lives of all younger women independent of their affiliations, education, or position in society.

6. Is YWTF a feminist group?
Some of our members consider themselves feminists; others do not – but we, at YWTF, are all working together to accomplish the same goals.

7. What if I am just looking for a group of people to meet and hang-out with in my community?
YWTF is the group for you. One of our primary goals is to make local and national connections for peer mentoring, networking and sharing resources. Our members have found YWTF to be a great place for fellowship, meeting new people, and making friends. Building a welcoming and inclusive YWTF community is integral to our movement.

8. Can people who are not in their 20s or 30s, or can men, and others who don’t identify as women, be members of YWTF?
YWTF is an organization that works in the interest of younger women. All who are interested in working in the interest of younger women may be members of YWTF.

9. What are the different levels of membership?
We have two levels of membership, “member” and “supporter.” A “member” is someone who wants to get involved with YWTF at a deeper level. We consider membership our greatest asset, and having dedicated women and men as part of the task force helps us in a variety of ways. A “supporter” is someone who cannot make larger commitment to YWTF at this time (at least not yet!) but still want to be involved.

10. What are the “member” requirements/benefits?

  • All YWTF members must pay annual dues amounting to $35.00. These dues allow you membership to both YWTF-Baltimore as well as AAUW, and come with the full benefits of being an AAUW member!
  • Because we are a subsidiary of AAUW, all voting and paying members of YWTF must hold an Associate’s Degree or higher. However, YWTF-Baltimore is a supporter of all women in all stages of their life. If you are currently working toward your degree or are interested in furthering your education at any point, please contact us about possible opportunities for us to help you do just that!


  • Access to the monthly newsletter and various YWTF communications
  • Access to a variety of YWTF events, and attendance requirement of XX yearly
  • The power to vote on our policy measures sponsored by our parent organization, AAUW.
  • Discounted access to YWTF events
  • The opportunity to join the YWTF-Baltimore Board of Directors and/or any committee

11. What are the “supporter” requirements/benefits?

  • Access to the monthly newsletter and various YWTF communications
  • Access to a variety of YWTF events
  • Opportunities to volunteer and show your support when you can!